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About Us

Our mission

Globomotive has experienced a very exciting journey over the past 15 years and has gone through a constant evolution process, initially starting as a sourcing, supplying and development partners for various Automotive Consumables, Electrical Consumables, Plastic Products, Chemical Products and Wide range of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous products, to now taking consumables produced by local Indian small/medium size manufacturer to every door step of end user in India and Globally.

All these years supplying products globally we have come across various amazing manufacturers and creators thru out India, they have great product, they are so creative but don’t have bandwidth to take their creation to places, WE decided to do that for them. We work with various such creators across India to take their products to different parts of the country and world. Most effective and logical way to do that is by using technology and ecommerce platforms and we are proud to say we have been able to bring so much joy to so many such creators by creating this win-win business model.

Our values

“Made In India”, we feel this one line sums up our values and our core beliefs. There are many ecommerce businesses today which promotes variety of consumables for home, office and industrial products, but we feel we are one of the very few if not the only one out there, which ONLY deals in “MADE IN INDIA” products. We take pride in promoting our local creators, manufacturers and producers of consumables in India and Globally, we would like to believe that Globomotive will take “MADE IN INDIA” products to the remotest and the farthermost places of our planet.

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